Specialist in BMW M Youngtimers & Classics

M Classics is one of the few to be a specialist in BMW M Youngtimers & Classics. We're only focussed on BMW M Youngtimers & Classics, simply because we follow our passion. We are specialised in the purchase and sale of BMW M Youngtimer & Classic Occasions. Our BMW M Youngtimer & Classic Occasions include all BMW M, M Tech and M Sport Youngtimers and Classics of 15 years and older. We focus on all BMW M enthusiasts and collectors who place high demands on quality and originality. Do you have a BMW to trade in? Then you can also contact us.

Newest M Occasions


BMW E82 1M Coupé

Price: € 59,950
Year: 03/2012
Mileage: 57,417 km

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BMW E39 525i Touring M Sport

Price: € 23.450
Year: 06/2001
Mileage: 99,600 km

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BMW E63 M6 Coupé

Price: € 40,950
Year: 11/2006
Mileage: 91,359 km

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Specialist in BMW M Touring's / Wagons

In addition to the BMW M Youngtimer & Classic Occasions, we are a specialist in BMW M Touring's / Wagons and we’re on a mission to restore and reimagine never produced BMW M3 & M5 Touring's / Wagons. Our goal is to build BMW 3- and 5-series Touring's / Wagons in mint condition, with original M specifications and mainly OEM parts. We restore and reimagine the BMW 3- and 5-series Touring's / Wagons at the direction of our clients, entirely according to their desired color scheme and option list.

Newest M Touring Specials

BMW E46 M3 Touring #01

Year: 11/2003
Color: Chrome shadow metallic (A56)
Status: ongoing project

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BMW E39 M5 Touring #01

Year: 04/2001
Color: Avus blue metallic (276)
Status: ongoing project

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BMW E39 M5 Touring #02

Year: 06/2001
Color: Oxford green metallic (430)
Status: available project

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M Classics does not manufacture automobiles. M Classics is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed nor, in any way, affiliated with BMW AG and M GmbH in Munich, Germany. The BMW® and M® name and crest are trademarks of BMW AG, and any other products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.  The product of M Classics painstaking effort is a BMW M Touring Special restored and reimagined by M Classics.