M Wagon Specials

We are on a mission to restore and reimagine never produced BMW M3 & M5 Wagons. We build BMW 3 and 5 series Wagons in mint condition, according to original M specifications at the direction of our clients.

Specialist in BMW M Wagons

We are a specialist in BMW M Wagons and we’re on a mission to restore and reimagine never produced BMW M3 & M5 Wagons. Our goal is to build BMW 3- and 5-series Wagons in mint condition, with original M specifications and mainly OEM parts. We restore and reimagine the BMW 3- and 5-series Wagons at the direction of our clients, entirely according to their desired color scheme and option list.

BMW M3 & M5 Touring Concept

Inspiration for our BMW M Wagon Specials are the only BMW E46 M3 Wagon and E39 M5 Wagon Concepts ever built by BMW M, which are kept in the BMW museum in Munich, Germany. The BMW E34 M5 Wagon and BMW E61 M5 Wagon did go into production at the time, two fantastic M5 Wagons that beautifully combine functionalism and sportiness. It is therefore unfortunate that the E46 M3 Wagon and E39 M5 Wagon have never gone into production. That's the reason for us to restore and reimagine these incredible cars.

BMW E39 M5 Wagon

The basis for restoring a BMW E39 M5 Wagon is an ordinary BMW E39 Wagon and a donor BMW E39 M5 Sedan. Besides the longer roofline, the trunk floor is the only difference between a BMW E39 M5 Sedan and a BMW E39 Wagon body, because of the two double mufflers of the M5 that take up a lot of space. For us this is the basic modification of the Touring bodywork for restoring a BMW E39 M5 Wagon. This means that we are looking for a donor M5 body from which the trunk bottom is cut out. All technology such as the 4.9i V8 S62 M5 engine, the M5 drivetrain and the M5 front suspension can be mounted directly on a standard E39 Wagon body. The rear suspension of the E39 Wagon differs from that of the M5, because the Wagon is equipped with air suspension as standard and the M5 does not. But the sper-differential and the other parts of the powertrain of the M5 fit on the Wagon.

More M Wagon Specials

It's also possible to restore and reimagine the following BMW M Wagon Specials:

•  BMW E30 M3 Wagon Evo III
•  BMW E36 M3 Wagon GT/LWE
•  BMW E46 M3 Wagon CS/CSL/GTR
•  BMW E91 M3 Wagon GTS/CRT
•  BMW F11 M5 Wagon

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Newest M Wagon Specials

BMW E46 M3 Wagon #01

Year: 11/2003
Color: Chrome shadow metallic (A56)
Status: ongoing project

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BMW E39 M5 Wagon #01

Year: 04/2001
Color: Avus blue metallic (276)
Status: ongoing project

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BMW E39 M5 Wagon #02

Year: 06/2001
Color: Oxford green metallic II (430)
Status: available project

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